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B2B - Ateliers pour développer la cohésion d'équipe
Do you have multicultural teams, do you work with service providers abroad, or do you have international clients?

Improve the culture of your company and strengthen the cohesion of your teams by offering team-building activities and/or events that allow you to discover one or more cultures (e.g that of the country where your external teams are located).

Are you looking for original ways to enrich your CSR action plan?

By working with us, you can materialize your commitments by directly supporting people (particularly women) of all origins in the development of their economic independence.

What makes us different from other cooking or art workshops? 

Our culinary and artistic experiences offer valuable ways for our facilitators to simultaneously create cultural connections, transmit authentic knowledge and gently challenge stereotypes that may exist within your teams.


What we offer

  • Tastings and /or artistic experiences for different sized groups, and time slots ranging from 2h30 to a whole day

  • Catering service for your meetings or events

  • Special events: Christmas market, Cultural Diversity Day, etc.

Let's work together

After having defined your objectives, we will offer you several choices of services and we will determine together the final form.

We will be your only interlocutor to guarantee you total satisfaction.

Please tell us in a few sentences what interests you and what you are looking for.

Thank you for your message !
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