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A project with a mission that drives our actions!

Not only do we want to contribute to improving social cohesion by creating links between people of different cultures who might not otherwise have the opportunity to interact together, but we also want to help immigrants, especially women, by offering them the possibility of creating their own employment.

Image by Ian Schneider

Our history

Martina Hornakova
When I see people come away from our experiences,
saying they want to come back and discover other cultures,
that is my greatest reward!

Welcome to the Delicious Origins platform!

Originally from Slovakia, I have lived most of my life outside my native country, in France and the United States. The birth of my daughter was an inspirational moment for me, that transformed my interest in the subjects of cultural identity and multiculturalism into a real passion. As a student, I studied reforms that could be used to fight inequalities. Afterwards, I worked in the field of sustainable development where naturally in addition to environmental actions, I also piloted social programs and societal actions.
When I lived in New York, fascinated by its cultural diversity, I created a web application KITnDO whose goal is to facilitate the sharing of good addresses related to different countries of origin. Back in France, I wanted to expand its reach, using its database as a starting point. Without doubt, the addresses shared at KITnDO are excellent resources for those looking for authentic cultural recommendations. My convictions also pushed me to give this platform real societal meaning by creating bridges between people from different cultures around activities, whether they be culinary, artistic or related to key traditions.

Finally, being myself a person of foreign origin, and knowing many of the obstacles that we can sometimes encounter in our lives that are linked to our identity, I hope that this project will make a small contribution to improving our society.

Our team


English content


Of Scottish origin, I bring to this project my linguistic skills and my zenitude as a meditation coach.

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